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Welcome To
California Guns Training

Our exclusive 1-on-1 or group firearms training courses are designed by the industry's
leading expert in the field of handling, psychology and proper skill set & regulations put
out by the state and National Rifle Association!

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Nothing Is More Important Than Proper Gun Training...

Our mission is for you to walk away with the knowledge and safety training with any firearm,
all the while feeling confident,
safe and having fun!

  • We teach safe and proper gun handling in a comfortable and fun environment. Come learn from a professional trainer and former deputy!

  • You walk away from your time with us feeling empowered and confident with your new abilities.

  • We can train you with your own firearm's as well as any others you'd like to learn and train with.

  • We build fundamental skills and instill confidence in people of all experience levels, even those that have never handled a firearm before.

  • We teach safety and responsibility without the "Attitude" some other courses bring with it.

  • We only promote the Shooting Sports and 2nd Amendment Rights to all our students!







Who Are These Courses For?

  • Families & Friends

  • Single Parents & Couples

  • People seeking Concealed Carry 

  • DOJ Certification Training

  • Business Owners 

  • NRA Basic Pistol Training #1

    Our training is tailored to the group. You will learn safety first and foremost. You will walk away from your training having the knowledge you need to walk into a gun store and buy your first firearm.  

    Concealed Carry Training 

    We are certified to teach CCW classes in Ventura and LA Counties.  We even offer the out of state Utah CCW Permit.  We cover Laws and Rules you need to know when carrying a concealed firearm.  We run you through drills and make sure you are confident with the firearm when you really need it.  

    DOJ Certification

    If you are looking to get employees or yourself Certified by the DOJ to offer the FSC Test and the Safe Handling demonstration. You have come to the right place.  We can come to your shop and do the training where you are located.  

    Advanced Firearm Training

    If you just had a basic class, CCW class and want to learn more, this class is for you.  We will run you through different drills and training to make you more aware and excited about the shooting sports.  


    Our Next Upcoming Courses...

    Basic Firearms Course

    Check our Calendar because our class times fill up quickly. 

    Advanced Firearms Course

    Check our Calendar because our class times fill up quickly. 

    CCW Firearms Course

    Check our Calendar because our class times fill up quickly. 

    What Students Say
    About My Courses...

    "Shawn got me firearm ready for all my films. Rambo owes everything to him and his expertise on guns and firearm safety!

    "The convent and all the nuns are safer and more relaxed now that we've all got trained properly by the best... Shawn Lindstrom!

    "I thought I was useless until Shawn taught me the correct way to utilize my wheelchair and posture for happier varmint huntin!"

    About Your Instructor...

    CEO & Certified NRA Firearms Expert

    Shawn Lindstrom

    "Your knowledge and safety are my ultimate concern... Once you train with me you'll also have the confidence you require to become a firearm enthusiast and great marksman! There's nothing more special than respect for our second amendment and to honor our country by observing the proper gun laws of this great nation!"

    Basic Courses


    Handgun and Rifle

  • Safety Rules

  • Firearm Knowledge

  • Proper FUNdamentals

  • Get This Course

    Concealed Carry Class


    Ventura and LA Counties

  • Concealed Carry Laws

  • Situationial Awareness

  • Safety

  • How to properly carry

  • Drawing from a Holster

  • When to engage or not?

  • Most Effective Plan

    DOJ Instructor Coures


    Become a DOJ Instructor 

    • Administer FSC Test

    • Safe Handling Demonstration

    Get This Course

    Professional Firearms Training in Ventura County & Los Angeles County

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    805-765-1486 [email protected]

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